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Packages for Health Condition

Joint and Spinal care

This program effectively manages health conditions, alleviating pain and rejuvenating joints. It addresses a spectrum of Musculo-Neuro-Skeletal conditions, including Osteo-Arthritis, Spondylosis, Sciatica, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gouty Arthritis, Repetitive Stress Injury, and other spinal and joint-related disorders.

Our tailored treatments for chronic conditions aim to enhance your quality of life by halting progression and expediting the healing process. They are complemented by a post-treatment regimen encompassing diet and exercise, promoting lasting wellness.

Diabetes wellness Program

Don’t allow diabetes to disrupt your life; enhance your diabetic journey with our Diabetes Wellness Program. We prioritize a ‘family-centric’ approach, aiding in health management by addressing unhealthy lifestyles and preventing short and long-term complications.

Diabetes often leads to neuropathy, characterized by sensations like numbness, tingling, pain, and muscular cramps in the extremities. Our diabetes management program is proactive in preventing diabetic neuropathy. Ayurveda offers potent treatments for its effective management.

Respiratory and Allergy Management

Our program prioritizes enhancing the quality of life through a holistic approach to Asthma and allergies. Our primary goal is to boost overall respiratory health rather than offering short-term symptom relief. Our treatment rejuvenates the body’s natural immunity, empowering it to combat allergies and other disease symptoms effectively. A well-balanced combination of medication and Panchakarma ensures a lasting and comprehensive cure

Elderly Health Care

We recognize the unique healthcare needs of senior citizens, requiring specialized attention. Our expert panel of doctors is well-versed in addressing their complex medical conditions with the utmost care. Our Elder Health Care services encompass the following Wellness Packages:

  1. Comprehensive geriatric assessment for an in-depth understanding of health concerns and medication profiles.
  2. Thorough evaluation of dietary habits, nutrition, physical activity, balance, lifestyle, sleep patterns, and mental health.
  3. Tailored packages designed in consultation with experienced physicians.
  4. Holistic practices, including Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Naturopathy, Creative sessions, Wellness mantras.
  5. Joint rejuvenation through Ayurveda therapies.
  6. Kayakalpa, a holistic age-reversal therapy for the body.”

This reframed text maintains clarity while presenting the services offered more succinctly.

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